Thank you for visiting. It is my ardent hope that you found something that you can put to use in your community and/or practice, or perhaps that you’re interested in exploring further with me.

This website is always under construction and despite my best efforts still only contains a fraction of the work that I do as part of my daily making-and-being in the world. If you are interested in engaging with any of these projects, it is probably possible. I will respond to queries as soon as I am able.

  • Please reach out to me for bookings as a guest speaker, workshop leader, celebrant / officiant, consultant / guide / coach, for somatic trainings, and potentially for other reasons not listed here. Rates are determined on a case by case basis according to audience/participant/client’s access to resources.
  • If you aren’t already familiar, I encourage you to explore the community publications, peer learning platform, open resources and projects I’ve facilitated via The Operating System & Liminal Lab for the last decade. Much of my efforts have gone towards developing and continuing to evolve that organization, its web offerings, and platform during that time, so in many ways it stands as the best living archive of my visions for Speculative Solidarity (in this case, strategizing and activating commons and open tech strategy for creative practice, mutual aid, and resource sharing).
  • A press kit with bios of various lengths and photos is available upon request.
  • A great place to find me / where I regularly post updates of work / short videos and various Speculative Solidarities is on Instagram. Find and follow me at @thetroublewithbartleby.
  • You can contact me via email at or
  • A full CV is available here.
  • OTHER LINKS: An older, more “digital CV” formatted website still lives here. My original blog, The Trouble With Bartleby, which I started in 2003 and continued to add to regularly for around 15 years, is archived here.  You can find a collection of recent posts for both the OS and personal projects on my Medium page. I also have a Soundcloud page, a YouTube channel, a twitter account, and a facebook account — all of which you’re welcome to follow. In the months ahead, I’ll be moving more and more of my archived projects and recordings onto these platforms for open access.
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