[also see the OS events calendar for curated / hosted events and others planned with collaborators in my capacity as Creative Director of the Operating System]


1/24 – RoseSunWater x Híkuri : A Translingual OS Celebration [host / producer] – with Angel Dominguez, María Vasquez Valdez, Margaret Randall, Joshua Pollock, Erick Sáenz, and in memory of / with original texts from José Vicente Anaya

3/27 – 5/2 – [MOVE SEMANTICS: Rules of Unfolding] at EFA Project Space (co-curated with Jeff Kasper)

5/16 – Release of Bodies of Work: In Collaboration and Conversation, co-created with painter Georgia Elrod


12/20 – Unnatural Bird Migrator Launch & Reading [host / producer] – with Ariel Resnikoff, Tyrone Williams and erica kaufman

11/14 – “Publishing Practice in the Digital Age” – Public Workshop / Lecture for the Queens Public Library’s “Indie Authors Day” 2020 Program [video archived here]

9/27 – “Archive, Mesh & Spore: Speculative Infrastructures for an Abolitionist Future,” closing session for the XIV Annual NYC Anarchist Bookfair. [online, now archived.]

7/29 – FUGUE STATE: An interdisciplinary embodied anti capital exorcism / Alter/Altar group performance [online]

7/23 – 9/10 – Polyphonic Intersubjectivities: Mycelial Assemblage Beyond the Capitalocene – 6 week interdisciplinary workshop, online at Liminal Lab (co-taught with rotating collaborators)

7/3/20 – “Art and Advocacy in Times of Crisis,” panel talk given alongside Orchid Tierney, for Secluded: A Virtual Writing Conference. [Online — live, now archived.]

6/23 – 7/28: “Alter / Altar III : Animal, Anarchy, Alchemy, Archive” – 6 week interdisciplinary workshop, online at Liminal Lab

5/20 – “Sonic-Somatic Disruptor Mechanisms / Neural Poetics” – Performance with accompanying public score, for Our Bodies in Language: A Series, hosted and curated by Edwin Torres. [Online, with George Quasha, Christine Wertheim, Rodrigo Toscano and Gina Bonati.]

April-May: Merce Cunningham’s “50 Looks,” performance video series for IGTV: “Optimistic,” “With a warm embrace, come what may,” “Humility,” “Book of Travelers.” [Online]

March-May: “Speculative Solidarity,” 7-part video series for IGTV [Archived on YouTube]: “Breaking Up with Capitalism / Relanguaging for (r)Evolution,” “Cancel Everything: Redistribution, Rent Strike, and More Re-languaging,” “The Work of Worlding: Rewriting Roles, Reclaiming Self,” “Cultivating Compassion: Invite vs. Attack,” “Transmutations: Befriend, Acknowledge, Articulate,” “Neuroplastic Somatic Biohack,” “An Exorcise Exercise.” [Online]

3/ 14: performer at Bilingual Poetry Series @ Tompkins Square Library, curated by Marta López Luaces

3/4-7: “Writing Across Multilingual Networks,” ALTA sponsored panel @ AWP 2020 San Antonio. Moderator/panelist, with Gabrielle Civil, Sawako Nakayasu, Raquel Salas Rivera, and Orchid Tierney.

3/5: OS Marathon Reading @ Sala Diaz, San Antonio, TX

2/21: Matters of Feminist Practice launch @ Printed Matter

1/30: Anonymous Manifesto at the Poetry Project (Facilitator/Group Leader)

1/26: Alter/Altar Workshop Reading and Zine release at Quimby’s Brooklyn

1/21: Protagony: A Panoply Performance Lab Project @ Vital Joint, as part of the Exponential Festival

1/1 : Poetry Project Annual Marathon Reading (Hybrid Participatory Audio Performance)


12/14: A Matinee: Reading / Performance at Berl’s Poetry Bookshop with Richard Lucyshyn, Anna Gurton-Wachter, Adam Tedesco and Elæ.

12/12: “How to Human: Disruptor Mechanism Protocol Training Level I,” presented as part of the Performing Knowledge Festival, The Segal Center Theater @ CUNY Graduate Center. 4:30 pm, as part of all-day programming.

11/7-11: APRIORI: Making Seed Packets for your AI; installation, presentation and workshop @ SLSA 2019, Experimental Engagements, Irvine, CA.

10/27-12/7 : APRIORI installed as part of the “Queer Paranormal” exhibit @ VAPA Usdan Gallery, Bennington College.

10/15-11/20 : ALTER|ALTAR II : sigil, soma, score, salve : facilitating a 6 week experimental poetics workshop @ Poets House

9/22 : “Can This Machine Kill Facists?” panel at Boog City / Unnameable Books. With Alex Crowley, Joey De Jesus, and Zefyr Lisowski.

9/20-22: Studio Open House! come visit me, see new work and OS books for Bushwick Open Studios @ 1329 Willoughby Ave, #212-5
9/19-22 : “Writing and Performance Across Multilingual Networks,” [Virtual] Panelist @ &Now 2019, “Points of Convergence,” Bothell WA, with Gabrielle Civil, Angel Dominguez, Sawako Nakayasu and Orchid Tierney.

9/5-9/9 : Featured Installation / Open Work-Stations Practice, with APRIORI, STWST48x5 STAY UNFINISHED / Ars Electronica 2019, “Out of the Box,” Linz, Austria [APRIORI STWST site HERE]

9/7: SPECULATIVE RESILIENCE :: RADICAL PRACTICES TOWARDS FUTURITY [A LIBRARY and LAB/PLAY SPACE] installation / intervention at the 13th Annual Anarchist Bookfair @ Judson Church

9/4 : Curator :: Ars Poetica @ the Algoquin Hotel :: Gen(d)(e)r(e) Non Conforming:: feat. Joey De Jesus, Zoe Tuck, Joanna C. Valente & Berry Grass.

7/31 : Featured Performer / Co-Curator :: Ars Poetica @ the Algoquin Hotel, NY :: Nature/Nurture: A Queering :: feat. Elæ, Kristen Gallagher, Chris Campanioni, and Adrian Silbernagel

7/28 : Featured Performer for Yes Poetry @ the New York Poetry Festival on Governor’s Island

5/17: Publishing Panel for Emerging Poets Fellows @ Poets House, with Parisa Ebrahimi of Chatto Press (UK).

5/13-16 : Entanglements : A Conference on the Intersections of Poetry, Science, and Art @ Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC

4/16: Unmanned Suitcase in Space : featured performer, with Jessica Rae Bergamino, Filip Marinovich, Peter Milne Greiner and Joanna C. Valente @ Quimby’s Brooklyn

4/1: featured performer, Ars Poetics Presents VOCÊ: “AMAZON” @ Bowery Poetry, NYC

3/30: featured performer, Be About It / Yes Poetry AWP Offsite reading, Portland, OR

3/28 : featured performer, Center Justify: An AWP Offsite Reading @ Native American Student and Community Center, Portland, OR

3/16: featured performer, St. Rocco’s reading for the dispossessed with Lori Anderson Moseman and Matt Klane @ Albany, NY

3/8: performer / facilitator, Stone Soup @ Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop w/ Chiwan Choi, Kenning JP Garcia, Liz Bowen, Sparrow, Nada Faris and more, Brooklyn, NY

1/24-1/26 : workshop facilitator, Collaborative Precarity Bodyhacking, with stormy budwig and Cory Tamler; part of ‘resistance fantasies,’ at Target Margin’s Doxsee Theater, Brooklyn NY

For an calendar archive of earlier events in 2017-18, go here.
To download a full CV, go here.