[also see the OS events calendar for events I curate / host and find open access community workshops / programs I produce with a wide network of collaborating practitioners  in my capacity as Creative Director of the Operating System & Liminal Lab]


ONGOING – Speculative Solidarities & #DocumentingPresence – follow on IG/IGTV @thetroublewithbartleby 

Fall 2021 – Release of Bodies of Work: In Collaboration and Conversation, co-created with painter Georgia Elrod

9/12: 7:30 pm EST : Host for Hybridities: Launch Celebration for Daughter Isotope and Failure Biographies, with Vidhu Aggarwal, Johnny Damm, Bishakh Som and CA Conrad — live on Zoom, with closed captions —  [registration at link]

8/26: 8pm EST : Host and Curator of Class of ’21 OS / LL Reading, with Mathilda Cullen, Steven Alvarez & Joey De Jesus — Live on Zoom, with closed captions — [registration at link]

Summer 2021 (starting 7/13) – Autonomous Mechanics – Symptoms and Strategies of the Anarchist Body – a 6 week Liminal Lab interdisciplinary workshop for speculative life practice

3/27 – 5/1 – [MOVE SEMANTICS: Rules of Unfolding] at EFA Project Space (co-curated with Jeff Kasper) – New York, NY – open to the public via appointment. Online program listings and media coming soon!!

MSRU Weekly Roundtables – Wednesdays at 7:30 EST (produced and co-hosted with Jeff Kasper; all events have live captioning]

  • 3/31: Welcome to Move Semantics Lab: Series / Exhibit Orientation–with special guests Mafe Izaguirre, Shaina Garfield and Constanza Piña [with live ASL translation]
    register here
  • 4/7: Allies Chat: Engaging with Plant, Animal, Fungi, Media, and Machine–with Constanza Piña and Scarlet Dame, featuring the work of Quimera Rosa and the Crip Technoscience Manifesto, and our local mycelial specimen archive courtesy of the New York Mycological Society – register here
  • 4/14: Bodies Chat: Troubling speculative possibilities for crip/trans/cyborg+ human futures – with Alán Pelaez Lopez, Sky Cubacub of Rebirth Garments, Sunaura Taylor, and Kelly Fritsch & Aimi Hamraie (of the Crip Technoscience Manifesto) [with live ASL translation] – register here
  • 4/21: Sites Chat: Working in and through the built environment, in and beyond the Capitalocene – with ST Luk from the Reversible Destiny Foundation and Martin Byrne – register here
  • 4/16: Sedimentation: Closing walkthrough, chat, and ongoing engagement [with live ASL translation] – register here

MSRU Artists Workshops & Programs (producer / curator; days and times vary) 

  • Friday, 4/9 @ 7:30 EST: Deep Meditation: The Mirror: Mafe Izaguirre performs an intimate meditation with her Sensitive Machines installation for [MS]:RU. This deep meditation will be broadcast and archived. A 30 minute sharing session with the artist will take place after the meditation. register here
  • Sunday, 4/11 @ 2 – 3:30 EST: Talking Bird: The New York-based Venezuelan poet Enrique Enriquez, will talk bird with Izaguirre’s Sensitive Machines. This poetic encounter between Enrique and the Machines will be broadcast and archived. register here
  • Sunday, 4/18 @ 4 – 6pm EST: The World Won’t End: Writing Apocalypse Futures & Refusing Apocalypse [co-presented with Liminal Lab] with Alán Peláez López: This writing workshop and dialogue serves as a communal attempt to think of futures otherwise that don’t revolve around land violence & land-based catastrophe. Together, we’ll discuss futures-in-the-present that children, elders, trans kin, and community members who have been targeted by the state have imagined in their day-to-day lives that we may have missed or glided over. register here
  • Sunday, 4/25 @ 2pm EST: Macrame Memorial with Shaina Garfield [Co-presented with Liminal Lab] The Macrame Memorial is an at-home ritual where you are invited to weave your own personal wall hanging. Each knot tied coincides with a provided prompt, such as “as you tie this knot, speak about a memory where your loved one made you laugh” or “as you tie this knot, tell yourself ‘Whatever I am feeling in the moment is okay.’” By the time you complete the wall hanging, you will have told the story of your grief and honored the deceased. Supplies needed: Macrame rope, Total about 80 feet (suggested 5mm thick), OR one old t-shirt*, Wooden dowel, stick**, or rod 1 foot long (suggested about 1/4 inch diameter), Scissors, Tape measure or yardstick. register here

1/24 – RoseSunWater x Híkuri : A Translingual OS Celebration [host / producer] – with Angel Dominguez, María Vasquez Valdez, Margaret Randall, Joshua Pollock, Erick Sáenz, and in memory of / with original text and video from José Vicente Anaya



12/20 – Unnatural Bird Migrator Launch & Reading [host / producer] – with Ariel Resnikoff, Tyrone Williams and erica kaufman

11/14 – “Publishing Practice in the Digital Age” – Public Workshop / Lecture for the Queens Public Library’s “Indie Authors Day” 2020 Program [video archived here]

9/27 – Archive, Mesh & Spore: Speculative Infrastructures for an Abolitionist Future,” closing session for the XIV Annual NYC Anarchist Bookfair. [online, now archived.]

7/29 – FUGUE STATE: An interdisciplinary embodied anti capital exorcism / Alter/Altar group performance [online]

7/23 – 9/10 – Polyphonic Intersubjectivities: Mycelial Assemblage Beyond the Capitalocene – 6 week interdisciplinary workshop, online at Liminal Lab (co-taught with rotating collaborators)

7/3/20 – “Art and Advocacy in Times of Crisis,” panel talk given alongside Orchid Tierney, for Secluded: A Virtual Writing Conference. [Online — live, now archived.]

6/23 – 7/28: “Alter / Altar III : Animal, Anarchy, Alchemy, Archive” – 6 week interdisciplinary workshop, online at Liminal Lab

5/20 – “Sonic-Somatic Disruptor Mechanisms / Neural Poetics” – Performance with accompanying public score, for Our Bodies in Language: A Series, hosted and curated by Edwin Torres. [Online, with George Quasha, Christine Wertheim, Rodrigo Toscano and Gina Bonati.]

April-May 2020: “50 Looks: After Cunningham.” Performance video series for IGTV: “Optimistic,” “With a warm embrace, come what may,” “Humility,” “Book of Travelers.” [online]

March 2020-ongoing: “Speculative Solidarity,” 7-part video series for IGTV [Archived on YouTube]: “Breaking Up with Capitalism / Relanguaging for (r)Evolution,” “Cancel Everything: Redistribution, Rent Strike, and More Re-languaging,” “The Work of Worlding: Rewriting Roles, Reclaiming Self,” “Cultivating Compassion: Invite vs. Attack,” “Transmutations: Befriend, Acknowledge, Articulate,” “Neuroplastic Somatic Biohack,” “An Exorcise Exercise.” [Online]

3/ 14: performer at Bilingual Poetry Series @ Tompkins Square Library, curated by Marta López Luaces

3/4-7: “Writing Across Multilingual Networks,” ALTA sponsored panel @ AWP 2020 San Antonio. Moderator/panelist, with Gabrielle Civil, Sawako Nakayasu, Raquel Salas Rivera, and Orchid Tierney.

3/5: OS Marathon Reading (Host / Performer) @ Sala Diaz, San Antonio, TX

2/21: Matters of Feminist Practice launch @ Printed Matter

1/30: Anonymous Manifesto at the Poetry Project (Facilitator/Group Leader)

1/26: Alter/Altar Workshop Reading and Zine release at Quimby’s Brooklyn

1/21: Protagony: A Panoply Performance Lab Project @ Vital Joint, as part of the Exponential Festival

1/1 : Poetry Project Annual Marathon Reading (Hybrid Participatory Audio Performance; ) – find Public Audio component [played by the audience via QR code / link] here on Soundcloud


12/14: A Matinee: Reading / Performance at Berl’s Poetry Bookshop with Richard Lucyshyn, Anna Gurton-Wachter, Adam Tedesco and Elæ.

12/12: “How to Human: Disruptor Mechanism Protocol Training Level I,” presented as part of the Performing Knowledge Festival, The Segal Center Theater @ CUNY Graduate Center. 4:30 pm, as part of all-day programming.

11/7-11: APRIORI: Making Seed Packets for your AI; installation, presentation and workshop @ SLSA 2019, Experimental Engagements, Irvine, CA.

10/27-12/7 : APRIORI installed as part of the “Queer Paranormal” exhibit @ VAPA Usdan Gallery, Bennington College.

10/15-11/20 : ALTER|ALTAR II : sigil, soma, score, salve : facilitating a 6 week experimental poetics workshop @ Poets House

9/22 : “Can This Machine Kill Facists?” panel at Boog City / Unnameable Books. With Alex Crowley, Joey De Jesus, and Zefyr Lisowski.

9/20-22: Studio Open House! come visit me, see new work and OS books for Bushwick Open Studios @ 1329 Willoughby Ave, #212-5
9/19-22 : “Writing and Performance Across Multilingual Networks,” [Virtual] Panelist @ &Now 2019, “Points of Convergence,” Bothell WA, with Gabrielle Civil, Angel Dominguez, Sawako Nakayasu and Orchid Tierney.

9/5-9/9 : Featured Installation / Open Work-Stations Practice, with APRIORI, STWST48x5 STAY UNFINISHED / Ars Electronica 2019, “Out of the Box,” Linz, Austria [APRIORI STWST site HERE]

9/7: SPECULATIVE RESILIENCE :: RADICAL PRACTICES TOWARDS FUTURITY [A LIBRARY and LAB/PLAY SPACE] installation / intervention at the 13th Annual Anarchist Bookfair @ Judson Church

9/4 : Curator :: Ars Poetica @ the Algoquin Hotel :: Gen(d)(e)r(e) Non Conforming:: feat. Joey De Jesus, Zoe Tuck, Joanna C. Valente & Berry Grass.

7/31 : Featured Performer / Co-Curator :: Ars Poetica @ the Algoquin Hotel, NY :: Nature/Nurture: A Queering :: feat. Elæ, Kristen Gallagher, Chris Campanioni, and Adrian Silbernagel

7/28 : Featured Performer for Yes Poetry @ the New York Poetry Festival on Governor’s Island

5/17: Publishing Panel for Emerging Poets Fellows @ Poets House, with Parisa Ebrahimi of Chatto Press (UK).

5/13-16 : Entanglements : A Conference on the Intersections of Poetry, Science, and Art @ Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC

4/16: Unmanned Suitcase in Space : featured performer, with Jessica Rae Bergamino, Filip Marinovich, Peter Milne Greiner and Joanna C. Valente @ Quimby’s Brooklyn

4/1: featured performer, Ars Poetics Presents VOCÊ: “AMAZON” @ Bowery Poetry, NYC

3/30: featured performer, Be About It / Yes Poetry AWP Offsite reading, Portland, OR

3/28 : featured performer, Center Justify: An AWP Offsite Reading @ Native American Student and Community Center, Portland, OR

3/16: featured performer, St. Rocco’s reading for the dispossessed with Lori Anderson Moseman and Matt Klane @ Albany, NY

3/8: performer / facilitator, Stone Soup @ Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop w/ Chiwan Choi, Kenning JP Garcia, Liz Bowen, Sparrow, Nada Faris and more, Brooklyn, NY

1/24-1/26 : workshop facilitator, Collaborative Precarity Bodyhacking, with stormy budwig and Cory Tamler; part of ‘resistance fantasies,’ at Target Margin’s Doxsee Theater, Brooklyn NY

For an calendar archive of earlier events in 2017-18, go here.
To download a full CV, go here.